Why does God administer disciplinary action on those who use free will when he designed them that way? How does He expect people to make choices prior to what he wants when he gave them a set of options in contrast to doing exactly what pleases him? Logically it would be easier to remove the unwarranted choices from the list of options.
My brothers, do not be dissimulated! The idea that God is omniscient doesn't add up. Omniscience has to signify that the perceiving entity knows the accurate possible outcomes of all events, hence perceiving the factuality of the outcome in advance means pertains to not getting astonished along the way. So, if a Deity created the universe in awareness of every detail of the future for it no matter how profuse they may be, then everything that is ever to occur in that particular universe was predetermined during the scheme. And if such Deity is omnipotent, the universe might have been made to its perfection so that paradise which was in the garden of Eden, should last forever, not crossing paths with Satan and all.
So, either the universe is playing out precisely according to God’s plan and the definition of God is not right, or the entire concept of gods is a fallacy. In short there's no such thing as Free Will if there's a God that gave it to us and had to put limitations to it.
You must understand that if a person is genuinely without intent kind to their friend, this is heartwarming. But if they do the same kind act in order to get a reward or to avoid punishment from any authority, that is considered to be manipulative behavior done to manipulate the authority into coming up with the rewards or keeping punishment out of the question.
A moral being will do the right thing without any thought of reward, they will do good even if doing so will put themselves at risk of dire consequences. So, doing good so God will reward you portrays failure to understand real morality and causes God to appear an easy-to manipulate Deity. Accept the fact that these religions are merely attempting to control human behavior by imposing sanctions on every deed that appears unwarranted to them. These myths of omniscient and omnipotent God are just transparent forms of fraud and exploitation.


If we try to prove the existence of God by using complexity of the universe as proof, isn’t that a self-contradictory statement? I mean, if all complex things require a creator, it means the creator requires a creator as well, and that cycle goes on for infinity which in this case means God was created by a creator who was created by a creator and so on, or there’s an exception on God? Perhaps he just popped out of nothingness some day?


There is an excess of 7.9 BILLION people on Earth, if you could go from visiting one place to another widely, you could come to terms with the fact that you have not thrust-out the all races of humans. And for those who accept the existence of God to be factual, the number of different gods they believe in is about 8000 to 12000 in total. But there are about 330 million gods in Hinduism alone. If you prayed to each god for one day you would have to live roughly 904,110 years to pray to each one.
You could cut that in half by praying to two Gods each day you would still need 452055 years to finish the Hindu gods alone. But even if you only prayed for 4 minutes per God you would have to live 150685 years. Imagine chaos after telling a Hindu who happens to have unswerving allegiance to Hinduism that there is really only one God and it isn’t among their 330 million? So, god knew the Hindus alone would make up a 330million gods that they would call the true god, yet he is the only true God? so he really knew that much more than half of all humans ever born were doomed to rot in hell? If that’s the case then this is a very unkind setup by a very unkind deity.
On top of that such deity wants blind faith because otherwise he could have created a way for everyone to know that there’s only one God Him! without contradictions caused by hundreds upon hundreds of religions, imagine every religious denomination telling its followers that their God is the one true God among millions of other Gods. Worse still reciting commandments of what they believe to be the warranted ways of living from a book written by a God who says in such a particular book that all other books written by Him are just mere repositories of err, isn’t that extremely unkind of Him? No Loving God would create such a setup. It does not make sense. THERE IS NO GOD!


Witchcraft and magic do exist, no matter what you like to think, but witchcraft is not what you think it is. You see you people think that accusations of witchcraft are routinely associated with Satanism, human flesh eating, flying in winnowers, manipulating dreams and so on, but the fact is that Witchcraft traditionally means the use of magic or supernatural powers. The links between science and magic are pretty obvious. Science, basically, is magic that works. A lot of things that look pretty scientific to us were labelled ‘magic’ in the pre-modern period: chemistry, magnetism, even hydraulics – to say nothing of medicine. The only real difference is that modern science has a rigorous experimental basis. Arthur C. Clarke famously said that sufficiently advanced science is indistinguishable from magic. But to the novice, all science is indistinguishable from magic. So, in true sense, magic is basically science we haven’t bothered to study yet or as Clarke said ‘Magic's just science that we don't understand yet.’ That’s as simple as it can get. Unfortunately, religion has put ideas in our heads that explain magic in a weird way simply because religion is in the business of mind control and is by far the most advanced mind control tool created by man. Its teachings are imaginary and ridiculous but we seem to live comfortably believing them.


Imagine a world in which people could talk to God and tell him their personal problems and then He (God) could really answer the players of those seeking His help, or forget that let’s say he could answer prayers that haven’t been prayed yet since he knows every prayer before it’s submitted. A world where prayers done in groups have unimaginable impact on everyday lives, a world where cancer and aids are healed by prayer alone, where after serious injuries people rush to the pastor instead of the doctor. A world in which little work pays off abundantly and people don’t have to do overwhelming jobs just to feed families, a world where evil is history and suffering is a joke.
No Army, Navy and Air force. Borders with no Border Security Force. No religion, caste and race. No terrorism and war. No diseases ‘Zero’ Infant Mortality rate. No Rapes and Murders (Crime free). Same skin tone. Housing to all. Water and Food to all. 100% Renewable energy which means no Pollution. No restrictions on choosing professions. No Poverty. Education and Work for all. No Jealousy and Hatred.
That is the kind of a world that religion trains us to pretend to be living in when in fact we live in a world where life is a time bomb, one in which we live in fear of angering a supreme deity that is watching over us, where villains and heroes have the same inevitable fate in the end since masturbating and taking a life angers God equally and the punishment is being butchered for life. a world where suffering is not a very big concern since it is everywhere, a world where mutation has brought forth disadvantageous variations among species. A world where we rush to the hospital after any serious tragedy and to church after simple illnesses.
The truth however uncomfortable to grasp is static. We live our everyday lives fully dependent on discoveries brought forth by science yet we deny to acknowledge the significance of it in our lives. We can totally live long without subscribing to a religion but without science immature death is for sure. We have witnessed people rejecting science in their lives and dying before long yet we still more cling to comforting lies.
How long before we understand that we created God in fear of losing what we hold dear and science has proved that?


Let Every CHristian Ask THemeselves This:
What if we were birthed amid of Mecca, couldn’t we have had unswerving allegiance to Islam just as we are now loyal Christians? before you rebuke me, grasp it thoroughly that our religious desires of actualities are supremely influenced by where we are brought up. It's nearly not possible to locate a Christian in the large municipalities of Mecca.
Most of us are in various churches as a result of our parents’ influences. If you ask a grown-up person, what's your church they say for example Eastern Orthodox, don’t you dare ask them why, on this account that such a question will erupt discomfort on their gut. Therefore, unless we come to terms with the fact that our current beliefs without evidences on religious claims are a result of many things now beyond our be-steering, we will not start visualizing things on a certain angle since many of us derive our sense of value and worth from the teachings of the church.

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