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AMOM VICE PRESIDENTPempho Ronald Masankho

Setts policies and strategic directions for the organization, both for the near term and for the foreseeable future. He is the co-founder of AMOM.
"I enjoy reading books at public libraries, little bit of whiskey and also big fan of dancehall music 🎶 I'm also a Misogamist and a fan of football, my friends would describe me as a good listener and a good reasoner because they know I'm a free thinker"

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Manager of all of the organization’s charitable giving. Apart from being an atheist He is also a Pan Africanist and a gender activist feminist)

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Responsible in advocating for the interests of our organization. Pitching the ideas to organizations or governmental bodies in the hopes of implementing changes to help achieve our mission

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Responsibilities include; Developing fundraising plans Securing financial support Running special events for donors and running other projects with the purpose of helping this organization reach its goals.
Currently working with Zomba District Council as an internal Auditor. Before working here He was with KPMG Malawi and Grant Thornton and also worked with SSD (South Africa) from 2013 to 2016. Currently enrolled for masters in finance and Is holder of bachelors degree in finance plus icam diploma

About AMOM

How We Started

Atheist Movement Of Malawi started in 2022 as an idea, then later in the same year the President and His Vice behind decided to make it a Reality so that it became the face of atheists and also to focus on rendering information to individuals who seek facts.

Our Main Purpose

We are currently focused on debunkig myths and legends, we focus on those stories that can change an individual's view of things!, we believe Knowledge is power so we filter out all unnecessary chunks of a story before posting it here to make sure that we give you the best information possible.

Who Can Contribute

Anyone can contribute to our stories and posts by sending us an email using the info provided below, we will verify, edit, and reconstruct any stories you contribute via email, before posting here to avoid confusion and misleading people, send your contributions through email to

Request Info

You can ask for any story to be poste here, and we will possibly post within days, but in some cases, we may not be able to grant your request in which case we will contact you to let you know why we failed to grant your request! by sending email to atheistmovementofMW

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